Why marketers should be tapping into the power of SMS

Over the last decade or so, the way we use our mobile devices has changed drastically. Following the introduction of the smartphone and other new technologies that have emerged, we use our mobile phones for so much for than just keeping in touch with friends and family. Today the average adult spends over 3 hours a day browsing on their mobile phones, checking it every 12 minutes (Ofcom).

So, not only are consumers spending a considerable portion of their day on their mobiles, they actually prefer to be contacted via this channel in comparison to other methods email. According to Text Better, 64% of consumers prefer to be contacted by business via SMS. This is huge for marketers!

Despite statistics on the increase of mobile usage, 65% of brands still don’t have a formal strategy in place for bulk SMS messaging. Here’s a few reasons why you may want to reconsider:

Instant channel

SMS marketing allows you to reach your audience wherever they are, instantly. According to VoiceSage, SMS are delivered within 5 seconds and opened within 90 seconds. This makes SMS one of the most immediate marketing channels out there. It’s easy to see why the ROI for SMS is higher in comparison to other channels.

Two-way communication

Today’s consumers prefer two-way communication that provides value. And in a competitive market consumer-centric brands are amongst some of the best performing companies. Using SMS marketing in order to facilitate i.e through soliciting customer feedback and providing high level customer support will help you serve your customers better

High open and engagement rates

According to Gartner, the average open rate for emails is only about 20% while the open rate for SMS stands at about 98%. Add the fact that consumers are more open to receive marketing messages via SMS and are more likely to take action and it’s easy to see what opportunities lie here.

Final words…

The opportunities SMS creates for marketers are undeniable. Today’s consumers respond to instant, valuable marketing messages and no doubt, SMS facilities this. However, like with any marketing channel, ethics are important. Taking a strategic approach in order to deliver high value messages that adhere to regulations rather than spammy messages is key.

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