How to make the most of Mailchimp in your email marketing strategy

Cleaning out your spam folder, reorganising your inbox and scrolling endlessly for the important email that your boss sent you last spring are often daily occurrences for email users. The late 70’s saw the birth of this form of communication and has been growing exponentially ever since! Whilst it may seem slightly archaic in its nature and not your first port of call for generating leads , this form of marketing can be a useful asset in your marketing toolbox, with Mailchimp providing an excellent platform to harness your budding email empire on!

Why use Mailchimp? 

To answer the above question, simply – why not? Mailchimp offers a comprehensive and established format of building a successful email marketing strategy. In addition, Mailchimp offers an affordable price point for marketers wanting to harness the power of emails, whilst not overspending on unnecessary, niche bolt ons from other competitors. Other benefits include the seamless assimilation of Mailchimp into your established wider online presence through off-site integration features that will help elevate that all important open rate of your latest communications to your customers. Being able to see value analytics, import bespoke templates and watermark removal (on paid plans) provide a strong entry point for new email marketers or current email gurus.

Curating and Refining the perfect email strategy

 All signed up, draft communication at the ready and about to press that send button – but wait – have you designed or reviewed your email strategy recently? A simple check-list such as the one below, provides a great starting point for beginners using Mailchimp or a brilliant reference point for seasoned email aficionados.

  • Who is your audience that you are trying to reach?
    (Knowing the recipient you’re targeting is key to increasing your open rate)
  • Where did they join your email list from? (Understanding the source of your new joiners may allow you to further refine your content)
  • Does your content say what you want it to say?
    (It’s not necessarily what is written but how it’s interpreted, ensure your content considers this.)
  • Scheduling and frequency
    (Thinking about how often and how many, can help elevate the performance of your emails reach and conversions)

Creating a ‘good looking’ email

Hey good looking, is certainly a compliment we love to hear, but crafting an email that stands out from the crowd can be an art form within itself. Mailchimp marries simplicity with creativity when developing a beautiful email design. It allows for customisation, importing new templates or even code one until your heart’s content with that oh so perfect look. Its ability to seamlessly move and co-ordinate different blocks ensures your email will resonate your message perfectly to your customers.

MailChimp best practices

Mobile Friendly – Ensure your email reads on both the small screen and the desktop, you never where your next lead may be generated or read.

Lists – Review your lists regularly, make sure your segments are receiving the correct content and ensure you are not sending multiple emails to the same recipient off different lists.

Automation – Enable this and leave to run in the background and it’s sure to increase your engagement rate.

Remove Unneeded Images – Slower to load and larger in file size, only include sparingly or that add to your message. 

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