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All of us marketeers know that innovation and creativity are a key part of a successful campaign. This goes beyond the creative execution however. In the world of digital especially we need to innovate in every area.

Let’s look at 3 areas where innovation can make a real difference at the moment.

1. Video

Video is a vital area of focus this year as it is beginning to become THE channel of choice for many content strategies. It’s far more accessible than ever and is expanding fast, especially on the social channels with 360 and live videos. Those options are great to consider themselves but also, with simple video, think about vertical video. Many videos are consumed on mobile devices now so why force your viewer to rotate the device?

2. Data

Big data has been a bit of a cliche for the last few years. I often say it’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it (keep it clean).  Personalization is a key part of creating a great experience and most of the other digital gurus I regularly chat to would agree that experience is probably THE key differentiator now. In order to achieve true personalization we need to, not only pull all of our large datasets together, but also look at the detail – the micro data. Understanding data trends at the micro level is what will present the biggest opportunities.

3. User Experience

There are many tips to creating good user experience. Keep the paths short and simple. Signpost really clearly, use standard language with no jargon. Test the funnel to continually remove roadblocks, ensure clear error and help messaging etc. Most of us are very familiar with these by now. However, a new way of thinking is heading our way. Forget all you know. The goal is no longer great UX design – it’s human-centered design. Think about what humans do. Consider how very young children interact before their minds have been clouded with how they’re ‘supposed’ to do it. We have to start to make digital experiences more natural. Keyboards, mouses etc – all will ultimately disappear. Let’s make that happen.

These are just some thoughts and I’m sure you’ll have many more. Feel free to leave me your thoughts in the comments.

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