Digital & Offline: Breaking down the barriers

We’re still in the transition phase in digital. A state of continuous transformation. It’s a great buzz word that gets thrown around a lot these days but the problem with it is that transformation simply means change.  It doesn’t describe what the change is and that is the hard bit. Knowing what we’re trying to achieve comes first.

Many businesses are still struggling with the question of how to integrate digital into their businesses and understandably so. It’s not as simple as it might at first seem and anyone who tells you otherwise is being naive. There are many things to keep in mind. Digital and offline marketing channels have never needed to be more integrated than today and servicing has never needed a digital aspect more than now. Below are some thoughts on how you can approach answering this question.

1. Bring marketing together. Your content strategy must run across all on and offline channels. Advertising should be integrated across display and press. Brand consistency is key across all channels. On and offline is not a distinction that should create different marketing principles in any modern business.

2. Digital service tools should be owned by the service team, not a tech team. If there’s an online survey tool for example, your service team should be trained in how to use it so they can apply their servicing expertise.

3. Digital and technology are not the same – tech is an enabler for digital. Don’t put digital strategy underneath Technology

4. Get digital experts on board. Don’t compromise here. Marketeers or Technologists who don’t understand digital are not a sensible answer

5. Have an integrated digital strategy. Your customers don’t see you as having good digital from some departments and bad digital from others. They don’t see you as being good at digital service and bad at offline service. They see you as one company. Make your strategy fully integrated

6. Customers first. Make sure you put the customer at the heart of your plans. Do everything you can to ensure your plans are based around your customer and not around your company structure, politics or legacy issues.

There are many more but this is a taster. There’s more on this in my book and I’m sure you’ll have your thoughts.

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