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SEO is dead, long love SEO. Ok we’ve all heard that phrase before. SEO is constantly changing and evolving but I really believe that now is the first time SEO has fundamentally changed.

SEO has long been a series of techniques used to rank highly primarily on Google. Having said that I did get a verbal slap from a Microsoft digital employee at my last speaking event on SEO for not talking about Bing. However when asked whether I would consider any search engine other than Google when putting my SEO plans together I was completely honest and said “No”. It’s an effort vs reward debate amongst other things. But I digress.

SEO has often being about understanding what Google is looking for and trying to send those signals out whether that be link volume or quality, keywords, meta tags, conversion, url structure, site speed, site maps etc. Throughout all of this it has been clear to me that Google are simply trying to give the user the best possible online experience. One thing I therefore preach is that SEO is not about optimising for Google, it’s about optimising for the user.

The more you focus on Googles rules and trying to find loopholes the more likely you are to get caught out later. If you stay focussed on the user then you will stay aligned with Googles strategy and will never suffer from an algorithm update (assuming of course you are able to deliver on your vision).

Content strategy is increasingly important as Google focusses on relevant content and social signals. Useful content also aids conversion which again helps SEO (and of course sales!).

So when constructing your SEO strategy step back and ask yourself if you’re genuinely doing it for the consumer or if you’re doing it for Google. Use that answer to steer your actions and chances are you will stay a step ahead of the game.

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