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Case Study: MoneySupermarket

One company that understood that organizational structure was key to successful SEO very early was UK financial services comparison site (MSM) who dominate most of the high volume terms in their market. Extracts from an interview with Ben McKay who was then Head of Organic Performance explains why:

“We have dissolved the SEO and social media teams in their traditional form, and remoulded them to be more consumer value and campaign-centric – the team is now called Organic Performance. This means that the energy and talent of a wide variety of digital marketing professionals is integrated under shared KPIs.”

“Where MSM has been most successful (from its core employees to its board) is by being very ambitious and progressive in removing organizational barriers, and thus helping consumers save money.”

This organizational change has resulted in MSM becoming perhaps the major player in the financial services space on SEO. By developing a strategy that brought content, social media and SEO into 1 organic team the channels have been able to work much better together. As a result MSM are now returned in results across an extremely wide range of topics and questions as well as having this content distributed through their social channels to a wider audience.

For example if I google “car insurance quotes” and “cheap car insurance” in the UK today – 2 high volume terms – MSM are top on both. If I search for “Moneysupermarket” I see 693,000 results which is two hundred thousand and three hundred thousand ahead of their nearest competitors respectively. The numbers speak for themselves.

This has led to their dominance and is one of the major contributing factors to their success whilst their competitors have struggled in the SEO space. This is particularly important in an industry where the above the line marketing costs are very high amongst the major 4 players and a point of marketing differentiation such as this can bring overall acquisition costs down and volumes up.

The key learning for your strategy here is that it is not just good techniques that are important but also enabling these techniques to strengthen through better integration. By pulling the teams that directly influence the result together you can significantly improve performance. SEO, social and content are great examples of where you must align your goals and communicate highly effectively.

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