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It is vital to understand how customer service and marketing interact so as to appreciate why we need to cover this here.  Many years ago marketing was purely about growing your company whilst customer service was about solving customer issues.  The increased focus on customer satisfaction and the increasing power of the consumer in the twenty-first century has led to much more of a service element to marketing.  Also, the launch of social media has led to a need to directly interact with consumers in two-way conversations whilst pushing marketing content out on the same channel.

All of this means that the content strategy you have must fit with your service goals and your customer service principles must support the messaging from your content.  Your website must also fit with your service goals, for example will you be including online chat functionality or simply promoting your call centre telephone number.  Do you need a secure messaging function within your customer logged in experience?  All of these questions change your UX.

We can quickly see that customer service and marketing now overlap a great deal and so understanding how to build this into your digital marketing strategy is important.

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