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Content is King. A phrase that has been used for many years now in the digital age. I used to throw it around a lot well over ten years when I was working at an SEO agency. As much as it was true for SEO then it resonates much more strongly now. So much so that there seems to be a trend for adding a second statement to the end or twisting it around e.g. content is king but relevancy is queen. You may have your own version.

The Internet has become / is becoming increasingly authentic and community based. It is less about creating a destination and finding technical tricks to get people to it and more about creating something of value that people want to visit. Every facet of the Internet is moving that way from consumer behaviour to Google algorithms.

Creating a compelling content strategy that is both relevant and fresh, that covers both proactive and reactive approaches, that is truly integrated and co-ordinated and that is supported by an advocacy strategy is key to success and is what people want.

It’s key not to force your company into conversations you don’t belong in just because they’re popular.

It’s vital to remember that content isn’t simply text. It could be video, imagery or audio for example.

Interestingly content marketing has been one of the hottest topics in digital marketing for at least two years now.  That’s pretty impressive for a discipline that is hardly new.  I’d suggest it’s at least 100 years old.  After all, the Michelin Guides tick a lot of the ‘content marketing’ boxes (useful, shareable content produced by a corporate) and they have been running since 1900.

So content marketing is in fact not the hottest new thing in digital marketing – it’s the hottest old thing in marketing.  So lesson one, and perhaps the most important of all content lessons is to remember that it’s nothing new.  There is no reason to re-event the wheel, what made good content 100 years ago still makes good content today. The difference is in the execution and delivery.

You can read a case study about effective content strategy here or download my Content Strategy Implementation Guide for more information.

There are many considerations to creating a compelling and effective content strategy and I run through these in a lot more detail in my best-selling book, Digital Marketing Strategy.

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