WordPress Tips & Tricks for Marketers

WordPress is a CMS that you can use for free or access more with paid packages. When created, WordPress was supposed to be for blogging. However, the evolution of WordPress now enables you to manage essential elements on your websites with ease and with no programming requirements. So, if you’re looking into using it or already do, then here’s some WordPress tips & tricks to help you leverage the platform! 


Use Mobile-responsive Website Themes 

Mobile-friendly pages are a massive ranking factor of SEO, and it’s also a better overall experience for your users. There are plenty of free designs to choose from that are mobile-friendly on websites such as https://ltheme.com/and https://colorlib.com/. You can also pay for some more advanced and suitable themes if desired. 


Optimise Images for Faster Loading Speeds 

WordPress isn’t known to be the fastest of all CMS platforms, and so you must familiarise yourself with tasks that can help reduce page loading times, which in return will improve rankings and SEO properties. If you’re setting up an eCommerce website, then you’re going to have a lot of images. Ensure you use tools likeTinyPNG to compress images. Alternatively, you can install the smush plugin for WordPress, which will save you time in the long run. 


Build Sales Pages with Ease 

Building pages for things such as sales or form submissions don’t have to be complex. They don’t have to take too long either. That’s where tools likePageBuilderby Site Origin come into play. Page Builder is one of the best WordPress tips and tricks you’ll ever see because it makes it easy and free to drag & drop elements onto the webpage and build the layout with ease. You can choose to use free templates or build a page from the group up, which isn’t difficult when using this plugin. 


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