Top Marketing Lessons From Steve Jobs That Every Marketer Must Know

When you think of savvy marketers in recent history, Steve Jobs probably comes to mind. After all, he was one of the most incredible creative thinkers and visionaries of our time. Aside from being a tech genius who specialised in disrupting the tech space, Steve Jobs was a marketing mastermind. Often described as the greatest marketer of the age, his high-impact strategies were always driven by innovation. His positioning of Apple and its products resulted in an entire generation reimagining the way we communicate today. 

So, what lessons can the modern day marketer learn from the former Apple CEO and begin implementing in their strategies today? Here’s just a few: 

Be a problem solver 

Steve Jobs understood that consumer problem-solving is key to delivering real value. He believed in producing useful, consumer-centric products that solve genuine problems. From iPhones to iPads, his focus was always creating something of value for the end user, that surpasses customer expectations. 

Take risks

It’s no secret that Steve Jobs was a risk taker. In his own words “You’ve got to be willing to crash and burn. If you’re afraid of failing, you won’t get very far.” As a natural leader, he believed in creating the next big thing as opposed to following trends. His idea wasn’t to just differentiate Apple from competitors but to create a global movement that ended up changing the tech space. 

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Innovation was always at the core of Steve Jobs’ marketing. He believed in making a dent in the universe by thinking big, taking risks and making a difference. In other words, he was interested in following trends but his focus was on creating them. 

Be creative

Steve Job’s creativity was at the core of his personality. He was known to idolise the likes of Pablo Picasso. From the company’s branding to its product development and messaging, Steve’s creativity undoubtedly contributed to the company success. 

Final words 

As marketers, the aim should be continuous improvement and innovation. One of the best ways to do this is by learning from visionaries who have made a mark in the marketing world, one way or another. Steve Jobs is an excellent example. Leveraging the tips detailed above should help any marketer take their strategies to new heights. 

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