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I have been working with companies across the world for over 20 years to help them develop marketing strategies that exceed their goals.

My consulting approach is to explore the company goals, meet the team and work closely with the great people and data you have to formulate a strategy that everyone buys in to.

Step One

The process starts with a meet & great. I spend time with people from across your business no matter how big or small. These chats help me to look for trends and commonalities in the positive and the negative. I then explore the brand, the values, the products, the highs and the lows. From here I try to talk to customers both happy and unhappy wherever possible.

This demonstrates a clear outline of the challenges from product to pricing, from people to promotion. Then the data analysis begins.

Step Two

Website analytics, customer data (anonymised), social media and advertising data, application data, behavioural analytics and much more. This starts to put the facts together as a layer on top of the opinions.

Step Three

At this stage I have everything I need to inform a strategy and will work with you to shape out the best approach to hit your goals. Whether you are looking to streamline, expand or launch, I will prepare a strategy to his your goals. No matter the budget, timeline, team size or industry, we will get a strategy that smashes it.

The best way to get started is to chat. I’m very flexible in the way I work and I’d be happy to have an informal chat to discuss if there’s a good fit here. No pressure from me. I’m here to help. I work with many of my clients to offer pro-bono advice for a period of time until we’re ready to get going formally.

So if you need a marketing consultant who can deliver results then get in touch using the form below. Hope to hear from you soon.

"Simon's knowledge of branding, digital marketing and business strategy was incredibly insightful and useful to the business"

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