Shopify for Marketers in 2021

Pandemic pressures aside, there has been a monumental shift in the move away from just ‘brick and mortar’ shops for businesses in 2021. As businesses diversify and restrategise their approaches to react to changes in consumer behaviours, inevitably marketers have followed suit. The growing prominence of Ecommerce means that businesses are taking stock of how they can cater for customers old and new. Whilst navigating the turbulent waters of online retailing can be daunting, eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, offer a streamlined yet tailored solution to your 2021 eCommerce needs!

Simplistic Starting Strategy

No doubt Shopify is a great solution for small and large brands alike. Starting out can be low cost, bespoke and easy for anyone (yes anyone!) to create their online store. With a 14 free day trial and a supported step by step process to setting up, the popular platform provides a safe space to take the plunge into Ecommerce. Create your store name, customise your ‘store front’, upload stunning product pics, enter a product description, and finally add your payment mechanism. Whilst you’ll most likely like to add some tweaks and personalisations, going live with your online store really is that simple.

Attracting and Reaching your Audience

As marketers, we know that getting heard amongst the growing noise of online content can certainly be a challenge. However, here are some ways of supporting your top funnel communications with potential customers to help generate more sales:

  • SEO: Listing number one on the results page is a sure fire way to increase success of your products, but presenting the best product for their needs is where Search Engine Optimisation really delivers for businesses.
  • PPC: Using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising allows your store to rank amongst others on the SERPS with images and texts combining to present searches with more information about your product.
  • Social Media: Creative content, influencer marketing and community management are just ways of scratching the surface with the positive impact social channels can have on potential sales.
  • Paid Social Media Advertising: Carefully defined and focused strategies for paid social advertising is a brilliant way of attracting and retargeting customers for your store.
  • Email Marketing: Powerful, automated and personal (if done right) emails are a critical tool in your store’s marketing arsenal.
  • Blogging: Easy and direct customers can interact with your latest embedded communications (it’s also a great tick in the SEO box). 

Longevity with Shopify 

Giving your customers a reason to come back can be a sure way to ensure your Ecommerce dreams don’t fade as fast as they started. Returning trade can often be a good way of creating stable revenue as you explore and attract new customers for your products.

Referral programs are an excellent way of using your existing customer base to spread the word about your business in exchange for a small reward or discount offer. Customers are more likely to respond and engage with what others say about your products than you do. Therefore, testimonials and user generated content offer a great avenue for supporting your long term goals. Who doesn’t love a freebie? Using contests and giveaways can attract extra attention, whilst supporting your wider marketing promotion.

Automation and use of third party apps can support your longer e-commerce aims within Shopify to make the process more streamlined. This will allow you more time to focus on your next big product idea.

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