Reddit Digital Marketing: New Ways to Reach a Diverse Audience

Reddit is not the first social media platform you would think of when reaching your audience. However, it is a wonderful place to target an untapped market that you might not find on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In this quick guide, I explain what Reddit is and how you can use it to increase reach and conversions.

What is Reddit? 

Reddit is a hybrid of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Most of the content found on Reddit is media-based, and a lot of users will use the platform to scroll through content from ‘R/’es’ they have followed or discuss varying topics and find answers to questions. An R/ is Reddit’s version of an ‘@’, so if I were to have Reddit, it would look like R/simonkingsnorth. The platform features the greatest communities for almost any topic you can think of, making it a reliable source of potential customers. 

Reddit Digital Marketing 

People use Reddit to be informed. Because they trust the opinions on there, users look to Reddit for product and brand recommendations. Reddit has conducted research that shows their users tend to be four times more informed via ads on their platform, resulting in 9x faster purchase decisions. Reddit digital marketing will help you reach users who spend a daily average of 34 minutes on the app with over 50 billion content views per month. 

The Audiences 

The average Reddit user is between 18-34, making it the perfect platform if your target audience is of a younger age bracket. 

Reddit boasts more gamers than top platforms like Twitch and IGN. It does not stop there though, television and film lovers, fashion enthusiasts and more choose to use Reddit and trust the content they see there. Reddit has higher platform usage than most top sources for each interest. 

Get Started 

All you need to do is register to advertise on Redditfamiliarise yourself with the platform and learn the best practices. Then you are ready to go. 

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