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HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales platform that can prove to be incredibly serviceable, especially for marketers. It helps enable you to bring in more visitors, increase lead conversions and close more opportunities. 

HubSpot makes all this achievable with an extensive range of services and tools compiled into one place. Making the process simpler and work more manageable for any marketing and sales department. 

What Packages Do They Offer? 

Packages can vary depending on what services you require and the size specifications you need. For example, more contacts comprise a higher cost. 

One of HubSpot’s services I would highly recommend to marketers is the Marketing Hub. The Marketing Hub automates processes and guides you in the right direction of attracting your ideal audience, converting more users into customers, and running complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale. 

Some other outstanding services provided by HubSpot include a Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub & More. Discover anoverview of all HubSpot products. 

Who Uses HubSpot? 

HubSpot is trusted and loved by many of the world’s biggest brands, so why wouldn’t it be the best CRM for marketing departments of all sizes? 

Here are some brands to name a few: 

How Much Does HubSpot Cost? 

HubSpot offers a select degree of services free of charge. If you are a small marketing team, I recommend getting started for freebefore making any financial commitment with HubSpot. 

For larger marketing teams, it is worth considering the marketing hub packages and sales hub. These come with free email and forms as well as a free CRM. Prices start from as little as £38 per month, but you can view the complete price list here. 

Is HubSpot the Best CRM for Marketing Teams? 

If you consider the free services and low-cost starter packages, HubSpot is undoubtedly the perfect option for start-ups. Some of the biggest brands worldwide choose to use HubSpot.  

HubSpot operates using user-friendly, all-in-one-place structures, that are suitable for marketing teams of any size. Not to mention, its vast library of free marketing resources. From ready-made marketing templates to high-impact strategies and marketing guides. It’s easy to see why it’s of the most well-known and best CRMs out there for marketers. 

For more marketing resources and high impact material suitable for marketing teams of all sizes, check out this list of 18 Best Marketing Books to Read in 2021.

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