Google Chrome extensions every marketer needs

Google has become a fundamental tool in our marketing arsenal and offers us a plethora of ways to engage and reach our potential customers. The wide array of g-suite features makes online working a cinch and has enabled us to traverse the problems of remote team working with relative ease, often from the comfort of our home. Increasingly, Chrome is becoming the go to browser for marketers, as its features continue to go from strength to strength.

Here are a few must-have Chrome extensions to help support your future marketing endeavours…

Add to Trello

With over 10,000 users this brilliant app allows users to quickly and easily add cards to their Trello boards straight from their browser. This simple but effective tool is considered a great way to improve productivity and allows users to focus on their current browser based tasks without having to delve into Trello.

 Soapbox — Video Recorder

Making content is one thing but making content that gets the attention and resonates with your audience is often an artform. Soapbox is a great addition to your browser that allows users to create sleek and professional videos, which can easily be used to capture your screen and record your webcam simultaneously. Simply hit record and enjoy sharing your brilliant content, without the hefty price tag of its competitors!


SEO is always high on the priority list for new companies, marketers researching competition and increasing that important listing on google. This fantastic plugin should be your next download, with over 500 K users and its ability to pull powerful, key SEO metrics from only a few clicks is the perfect addition to your Chrome toolkit. 

Grammarly for Chrome

Stumped for a synonym? Important emails to send to clients? Grammarly is a go to chrome app for even the most accomplished of authors. It’s ability to provide spelling suggestions, checking grammar, improving tone and providing concise sentence structures, means this tool is a sure fire way to maximise the impact of your written communications.

Bitly | Powerful Short Links

As a marketer, you don’t need to be told the power that a well manicured link can have on a post. Make unsightly hyperlinks a thing of the past with this brilliant tool that shortens URL with a click of a button and increases their shareability. Improved with the clipboard feature, quickly copy and add to your upcoming post. A plugin that is sure to save you some time in the long run.

I hope that this list is a great starting point for you in expanding your chrome repertoire and has provided you with some useful additions to that ever-growing marketing bag of tricks that you use to entice your next client or lead into working with you or your company.

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