eCommerce Guide: Google Search Best Practices

Google has recently launched a guide regarding the best practices for eCommerce in Google Search. I think this is music to the ears of anyone looking to step up their game and make more sales online. eCommerce is essential for any business as it enables you to reach more customers than physically possible with traditional retail. 

Many people choose to make their purchases online, and eCommerce is growing at a rapid rate. 

The eCommerce guide has been specifically tailored towards developers to help them understand how to optimise an eCommerce website and make it work efficiently with Google Search. Are you looking for some insight on how to maximise the performance of your eCommerce website in Google Search? Read on and click the links below! 

Where e-commerce content can appear on Google 

Learn the varying surfaces where your e-commerce content can appear. 

Share your product information with Google 

Determine which approach to use when sharing your product data with Google. 

Include structured data relevant to e-commerce 

Improve Google’s understanding and competently present your content by providing explicit information about the meaning of your page with structured data. 

How to launch a new e-commerce website 

Learn how to strategically launch a new e-commerce website and understand timing considerations when registering your website with Google. 

Designing a URL structure for e-commerce sites 

Avoid issues related to crawling and URL design that is specific to e-commerce sites. 

Help Google understand your e-commerce site structure 

Design a site navigation structure and the link connecting pages to help Google understand what is most relevant on your e-commerce site. 

Pagination, incremental page loading, and their impact on Google Search 

Learn basic user experience patterns for e-commerce sites and understand how user experience patterns influence Google’s ability to crawl and index your content.

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