Black Friday Advertising Tips and Tricks

Black Friday advertising is an important one to master. Thousands of businesses will be planning on promoting their products or services at a discounted price during the Black Friday weekend as well as Cyber Monday. So, you must know the best tips & tricks to get ahead of the competition this year. 


Generate Hype 

Before the Black Friday events come flooding in, you’ll want to start out creating hype. Although it’s common for many businesses to have a sale, it will encourage users to consider you if you have campaigns live thatspread awareness before the day arrives. I would recommend driving traffic to your site using multiple audiences tested against each other, so then you can have it narrowed down to a defined, high performing audience ready for the sale. 

Create a solid plan 

When I say a solid plan, I mean something scheduled over a set period of days and weeks. If you’re testing different audiences and generating hype, you will want to create your ads in advance. Planning in advance will help spread awareness, and valuable audiences will have the time to develop ready for theBlack Friday advertising campaigns. Knowing what you intend on offering as a promotion also helps get ahead of the aggressive competition, as you will have everything scheduled ready with assets and content that you have had time to check and analyse efficiently. 


Focus on asset design 

Assets play a part in users pausing their scrolls to check out your ads. The first and most noticeable thing that users see is the asset, and so you mustget creative and make it stand out even more than the competition. Make it clear what your offer is, who you are and how you can help the user. 


Is your Black Friday advertising strategy ready to go? 

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