Why marketers should be tapping into the power of live stream video

For many years, video was considered a luxury in marketing. If you didn’t have a hefty marketing budget, you could just forget it. Today however, marketers can reach their audience anywhere using video, at very little cost. With live stream video tools such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live and Vimeo, engaging with your audience in the clear, concise and transparent way that only video can achieve, has never been easier.

Why invest in video marketing

Video is an incredibly powerful tool. Not only does your audience trust it but over 50% of consumers prefer it to any other type of content. Not to mention, investing in video marketing can boost conversion rates by over 80%.

Simply put, utilising this tool is a no-brainer…

Tapping into the power of live stream video

Stay ahead of competition

Although live streaming is on the rise, with 28% of marketers now investing in it, benefits of being an early adopter means little competition and huge potential for growth. Plus, it allows you to connect and engage with your audience in a creative, yet simple way.

Improve ROI

According to Facebook, live content gets 6 times the engagement of any other type of content on the platform. Reiterating the likability factor of live video. Not only is your audience more willing to engage but also much more likely to convert. Recent figures show that after watching a video, 64% of your customers are more likely to buy your product.

Build consumer relationships

Video is great for conveying emotion and transparency. Ultimately this helps build brand trust and long-term customer relationships. A great recipe for long-term business success.

Repurpose content

Live streamed content doesn’t have to be used only once. You can repurpose and reuse it to benefit your audience as you see fit, particularly if its ever green content.

Live stream video ideas:

One of the many great things about live stream video is that it can be simple, short and effective without breaking the bank. A simple behind-the-scenes style video can go a long way. Here’s a few live stream video ideas you can start implementing right away:

  • Events
  • Behind the scenes
  • Q&As
  • Announcements
  • Customer support
  • Product demonstrations

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