Should Snapchat be part of your marketing strategy in 2021?

As modern marketers, we know that marketing strategies should be fluid and diverse, which reflects the seemingly ever changing digital landscape. However, with an influx of new social channels, algorithm changes on the horizon and an increasing focus on content creation, should we still be investing time into  ‘older’ social platforms, such as Snapchat, when curating our marketing strategy?

Snapchat has stood the test of time…

With social media still in its infancy compared with established forms of traditional and printed marketing, it may seem strange to say that Snapchat has been around for much of the social media age and has been growing throughout. Audience trends from 2014 to the end of 2020 have shown a substantial growth in the numbers of daily users of the app.  Reaching 265 million users in the 4th quarter of 2020 and with daily users spending over 30 minutes a day on the app, Snapchat is still one of the most popular social channels! Meaning this should most certainly be considered when planning your social media overview.

Getting down with the kids

Snapchat, like other social platforms appeals to a broad range of audiences and demographics, however, with 71% of users under the age of 34, this may present a great opportunity to connect with a younger demographic. By undertaking some market research, interviews and analytics it will be possible to build an extensive but detailed picture of your target market. Without teaching Grandma to suck eggs – this method of creating a brand personality is hardly new and is widely used amongst the industry. So why mention it? Well, as stated at the top of the paragraph, a younger audience is likely to require a bespoke and tailored approach to your marketing efforts in order to generate a sustainable ROI. Pivoting an established ‘brand identity’ or even creating a new persona can be time well spent, before interacting with the younger generation.

Connecting through content

How many times have we heard “content is key” or “content, content and more content”? Well, these statements aren’t without an element of truth but should definitely be taken with a large pinch of salt. Elevating your curated content is easy and feasible through many of Snapchat’s great in-built features. Help your content stand out by:


  • Drawing over a Snap.
  • Getting creative with captions on your Snaps
  • Get experimental with your filters and lens
  • Adding a poll as an engaging CTA
  • Build a story arc to compliment your brands wider campaigns
  • Creating stories and sponsored lenses.

A personal touch. 

As the power of social media is growing and interactions with your audience are becoming great methods for building loyal customers, getting the ‘feel’ of your Snapchat account is time well spent. Users are increasingly looking for an authentic and transparent feel to brands that they interact with and ultimately buy from. Snapchat allows you to create exclusive and personalised content that reaches behind the facade and smokescreens of some of the other platforms. Immersing and including your followers in your journey is likely to result in recurring engagement with your brand.

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