I spoke last week at a marketing conference on the subjects of content and personalization. During the discussion I mentioned one of the important trends marketers need to be aware of today which is the surge in JOMO – The Joy of Missing Out.

Consumers are increasingly looking to take a digital detox. Being surrounded by technology and constantly in touch can be mentally draining. Never being able to step away from the work email, social media notifications and IoT devices can take its toll.

We have spent the first part of this century focussed on FOMO – The Fear of Missing Out and have built a world that is difficult to detach from.

It’s vital that we as marketers appreciate this and the best way to go about that is to target our comms effectively. Just because we can communicate to a consumer doesn’t mean we should. We must take the time now to understand each individuals needs and desires and ensure we talk to them about only those things at the right time.

That data exists to do this now so be smart with your comms.

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