Instagram Engagement: 5 Latest Tips & Tricks

Instagram is a constantly growing social media platform with users collectively posting over 95 million photos and videos per day. Yes, that is an insane amount of content going out every day, but that does not stop you from increasing your Instagram engagement rates. How exactly are you supposed to stand out on a platform flooded with content? It is simple, follow these tips & tricks to take your account to the next level!

Engagement Rewards Engagement 

Interacting with other accounts that share a similar nature to yours is a fantastic way to start on Instagram. Users want to see content relevant to them, and so you will want to prioritise finding relevant accounts to follow and interact with them via likes, comments, and messages. Often, people will return the favour, interacting with your content and getting those numbers up.

Make Your Comments Matter 

It is easy to respond to someone’s content, but you need to ensure that your comments stand out and mean something to the recipient. The best technique for commenting right now is constructive criticism and feedback. Many people comment on a post telling the user how much they liked it, do not do that. Leave a comment that highlights something constructive about their content, or make it something that would trigger a response such as, “Amazing content as always. However, (Insert question here)?”. 

Do not Go Wild with Your Graphics 

Honestly, there are tonnes upon tonnes of users that believe dramatic and crowded designs are the way to stand out and increase Instagram engagement. But it is not, and that is because everyone is trying the same thing, and it is making Instagram feeds overcrowded with content that is all too similar. Save yourself the challenging work, keep it simple and check out some simple yet engaging post designs to help get you started. 

Use Hashtags Wisely 

It is not the latest news that you should be conducting hashtag research, but mastering hashtags has changed. You need to switch up your hashtags frequently and stay mindful of how many you use. In a post caption, I would not recommend any more than 3, and these should always be unique to the content you are posting. Any other hashtags relevant to your account should be left as a comment, and do not always use the maximum. 11-15 hashtags per post tend to be the most effective. The reason hashtags have changed is that Instagram cracked down on hashtag abuse and introduced multiple algorithm changes. If you continue to recycle the same hashtags, Instagram will not show your content for them anymore. 

Create A Schedule 

Once you have established followers and started to post using your newfound techniques, you will want to keep on top of it all. The best way to generate continuous Instagram engagement is to schedule between 15-30 minutes a day to interact with others. The idea is that you will log in to find comments on your content that you can engage with, followed by a fresh feed where you can interact with your followers’ content again. 

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