Blog Writing Essentials: 4 Steps to Success

Although blog structures can vary, they all tend to follow the same writing techniques. It’s common for blog writers to follow a fixed process that suits their style best. You must learn to find your style if you intend on making the best possible impression on your readers. Your words need to make the reader feel connected, metaphorically speaking, the content needs to be life-changing. How can you write so well that your readers see and feel value from your words? 

Use Eye-Catching Headlines 

The best blog posts are about one topic. You need to focus on one thing rather than trying to go off on tangents. If you add too much substance to a blog, you risk making a large portion of the content irrelevant to your readers. 

The first thing your readers see is the title to you need to get it right and grab their attention from the moment they load onto the page. Creating a unique headline is one of the top blog writing essentials. 

Start With a Strong Leading Paragraph 

First impressions always matter in life, and they also matter in blogs. You must write the first paragraph of your blog as though you were trying to make the best first impression possible. 

Online people don’t tend to have a very long attention span and want to feel engaged as soon as possible. Writing a highly engaging opening paragraph is a blog writing essential that you need to master. 

If you don’t connect to your readers from the start of your content, you risk losing them forever. Start with a quote, question, or bold and audacious statement. 

Add Engaging Supporting Attributes 

Supporting attributes should make up the bulk of any blog post. Supporting attributes are statements and context that will help back up your main subject or argument. 

Every blog you write needs to have supporting material, even if it’s a story. You want to provide something that invests your readers. 

Evaluate what you want to say and how you can back it up. A fantastic way to organise is to make a list of bullet points, then write the body of the post using these as your main sections. 

Write a Convincing Call-To-Action 

Once you’ve captivated the attention of your audience using the previously mentioned blog writing essentials, you’re going to need to finish it off with the perfect call to action. 

Don’t be unclear. You don’t want to confuse your audience, so give something valuable at the end of the blog. 

Combine Your Blog Writing Essentials 

When writing a blog post, follow these four steps: 

  1. Choose a topic and write a headline. 
  1. Write the leading paragraph. 
  1. List a few main points in the body. 
  1. Write your call to action. 
  1. Add related imagery. 
  1. Add internal & external links. 
  1. Optimise for SEO. 
  1. Check for errors and proofread. 
  1. Ready to Publish. 

Follow these steps to success every time you publish, and you’ll be creating improved blog content in no time. 

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