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So this is where it all comes together.  All the knowledge you have of content planning, quality scores, social engagement, re-marketing, analytics, digital signposting, personalisation… – the list gets quite long when you start to lay it out.  But how do you pull it all together into one clear strategy that is specific to your business, that takes into account all the current factors and variables to create something unique and yet remains flexible enough to be future proof.

This is the subject of my book but you may ask why answer something in 100,000 words  in a book that you can answer in 2000 words on a website?  I support that line of thinking but in reality you can’t answer this question in 2000 words so do take a minute to have a look at the book.

In the meantime however (while you’re waiting for it to arrive in the post) I have included some areas that would be worth your review.  If you’re a highly experienced digital marketeer you may well already know a lot of the specific detail but the key here is how it all fits together and is truly integrated if your business is to win at the digital game.

We’re not just talking about cool technology or effective marketing techniques, we also need to consider your team skillset, business structure, management processes, goals, negotiation skills, macro factors and much more.

I hope you find some value in some of this content and I’ll keep blogging and tweeting curated digital content so please do follow me on Twitter or you can find me on Instagram and Facebook.

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