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Case Study – Adidas

A great example of brand that has got this right is Adidas. In March 2014 the Adidas Group, which encompasses both the Adidas and Reebok brands, announced that it had year-long plans to create “digital newsrooms” for its brands. The move was part of a long-term strategy to capitalise on hot trends and build on “moments of celebration and acknowledgement”.

Adidas states on its website that it wants to own the stories that global superstars create and capitalise on the action in real-time. It also states that is wants to be seen as pivotal to the success of players and remain in the focus of sports fans watching in a range of locations around the world.

So what makes their approach different? The key factors of the digital newsroom concept are:

People: Lots of them. Adidas have invested heavily in a skilled team from both on and offline backgrounds.

A wealth of content: Adidas suck up as much sporting and related content as they can. The majority has nothing exciting about it, the key is finding the needles in the haystack. And as Nike and Puma have similar set ups there is also a race to find those needles first.

Speed: In the newsroom set up speed does not mean quick, it means immediate. To be truly effective a content team needs to be ‘switched on’ for the events its audience care about, be ready to act and have the resource to spring into action when the biggest stories break.

Trust: Marketers regularly come up against hurdles that prevent them from producing fast, ground-breaking content. From slow sign-off procedures and legal compliance, through to over-zealous brand protection and a lack of resource, many creative content teams find themselves stifled, unable to publish content until it’s too late. To be immediate the reins need to be loosened, or perhaps even cut. This does not mean you can you let your creative team go wild and publish what they want, it does mean you need to define the boundaries very clearly.

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