Top 5 Google Data Studio Connectors

What is Data Studio? 

Google Data Studio is a reporting platform and, it is the ultimate way to present reports. It helps you and your clients visualise the data that matters most, with the ability to interact with that data. 

You can be confident that the data you display is 100% accurate, thanks to the game-changing Google Data Studio connectors we can use. Google has made many of their connectors free to use. For example, you can connect Google Analyticsdata to your Data Studio reports at no cost. 

Data Studio enables you to change date ranges for your data. So, in most cases, it can take minutes to update your reports. 

So, what about the Google Data Studio connectors that don’t come free? The paid connectors connect data from social media platforms, CRM’s and more. 


Supermetrics for Data Studiofeatures over 70 integrations, including Facebook Ads, Facebook Insights, Shopify, JSON/CSV/XML and more. 

Their data sets are clear to understand and help save time when creating reports. 

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Adverity Data Integration for Google Data Studiohas an easy setup process and enables you to connect cross-channel campaign data for deeper insights into your marketing and sales performance. 

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Megalytic Google Data Studio Connectoris the ideal mid-range choice for speed, simplicity and value for money. Megalytic doesn’t offer a large amount of connectors. However, they do include Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads and other top platforms. 

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Top 5 Google Data Studio Connectors - Simon Kingsnorth for Data Studiohas a lot on offer. enables you to connect to a staggering 500+ platforms with unlimited data blending capabilities. This connector makes answering marketing questions a breeze. Everything you need to know is right there in your reports. 

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ReportDash Data Studio Connectorhas many similar features to the other connectors. It allows you to connect and merge data from multiple data sources and is easy to set up. ReportDash comes with ready to use custom conversions that might win you over. 

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Custom Community Connectors 

Google has developers guides so you can skip the costs and make your own Google Data Studio Connector.So if you’re tech-savvy in the developer department you can get started today. 

Final words…

I hope this article has helped you discover new ways to take control of your marketing data through Google’s Data Studio. Hopefully,  it has given you an idea of some of the best tools out there to help simplify and streamline the process. 

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