Top 3 SEO Trends: What to Expect for 2022

SEO is an essential service for reaching users online. Nobody will ever know everything about SEO because the trends are constantly changing. It is up to you to keep updated on any changes and ensure you produce the latest and greatest content. 

If you still depend on the same strategies and so-called best practices that you have been using for a while now, you need to start changing things up. Many older techniques have become irrelevant due to the rapid advance in technology and how people use the internet. 

So, you want to be the ruler of SEO next year? Here are my top 3 trends that you need to know for 2022. 

AI Is Going to Be More Prevalent 

Artificial intelligence is growing at rapid rates. AI is present in many places where people might not even think of it. Chatbots are a great example of AI because they are all over the internet, rapidly becoming an essential addition to any website. 

Google AI algorithm, RankBrain, looks set to have a substantial impact on SERP ranking factors during 2022. Since Google announced RankBrain, multiple businesses have wondered how this will impact SEO Trends. How are you supposed to plan your content strategy around AI algorithms? 

Although Google has not revealed in-depth information on how RankBrain learns and analyses content, specialists think user experience is one of its primary ranking factors. 

Also, you should start using Surfer SEO to write and optimize your content faster than ever.

Mobile-Friendly First Approach 

A mobile-friendly approach has been an essential aspect of SEO trends since Google made it a top priority ranking factor in 2015. In 2019, Google launched mobile-first indexing, making mobile devices a bigger priority than ever before. 

Statistics show that over 75% of people choose to access the internet on a mobile device instead of a desktop. So, your audiences are likely to be prioritising mobile visits in 2022. 

The Google EAT Guidelines 

Google has continually highlighted that the quality of your content is critical for improving ranking factors. But what does quality content mean? Optimising your content for search in 2022 will go a long way if you follow the Google EAT guidelines. EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Google uses the EAT guidelines to determine the quality and relevancy of your content and will be an essential guideline for you to learn about in 2022. 

Want to learn more about SEO trends in 2022? 

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