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CASE STUDY: Deliveroo


Deliveroo were operating in the UK alone, but had big plans for international growth. They now operate in the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Spain, and the UAE. Paid search needed to play a key part in expanding this presence.


Deliveroo appointed Brainlabs as their paid search agency and the agency knew immediately that success relied on automation and the use of both AdWords scripts and the AdWords API. The account was therefore built in a single keyword ad group (SKAG) structure. Such a structure allows for the greatest control over ads and they could therefore ensure that the most relevant ads were showing for each keyword within the account, which isn’t possible when ad groups contain multiple keywords. Brainlabs uses a proprietary automated campaign builder tool to reduce the time and work involved in building such a detailed account. This tool also enabled Brainlabs to quickly pull in new restaurants and locations when they were added.

Due to the local nature of the business Brainlabs also built separate campaigns for each restaurant with geographical targeting within a 2 mile radius of the address. The tool also checked the restaurants against Deliveroo’s coverage and automatically paused any capmaigns that were no longer in Deliveroo’s network.


Over 17,000 campaigns were built in six languages and multiple cities in 12 countries. Growth of the search activity has been high and this supports the continued growth of Deliveroo in close to real time all around the world.

Key Lessons

By innovating through proprietary platforms, working with highly experienced agencies and using smart account setups you can produce detailed, highly effective and low maintenance strategies for your paid search activity.

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