Positive Branding: What Marketers Need to Know

Tottenham Hotspur and England’s star striker, Harry Kane, has recently stepped into branding and trademarking his own line of products using the name HK28 (His initials and birthdate). Including toilet roll, nail varnish, toothpaste and more. But what does this move mean, why is positive branding key, and what can we learn from this?

What does this move mean? 

We live in a world full of incredible singers, sportspersons, celebrities and more. Many of whom have global recognition to protect, just like Harry Kane. HK28’s decision to trademark a wide range of products enables the football star to secure the Harry Kane namein a commercial future after his footballing days are over. 

For example, he will own the right to his name and branding. Many companies would love to feature Harry Kane’s name on their products due to the exposure that comes with it. 

Why is positive branding the key?

Creating a positive brand is a continuous process that any business should be aiming for. Although Harry Kane has great exposure as a sportsman, his HK28 brand still needs to establish a positive image built off the back of it. 

Here are some great examples of positive branding: 

  1. Always provide value to your customers. 
  2. Create impactful social media marketing strategies 
  3. Working with charities and making a difference 
  4. Make your online presence stand out 
  5. Ensure customer support services are user friendly 
  6. Make it easy for customers to get in contact 
  7. Strategically and quicklyapproach any negative PR 

HK28 shouldn’t be “just another sportsperson with their name on something”. Many athletes have left the field and put their name into positive branding, but not all are successful. Now, the next step is to focus on standing out from the competition. Why should consumers choose to support the HK28 brand instead of buying products from a different brand? 

What can we learn? 

If HK28 follow great positive branding strategies, there is a strong future for Harry Kane, way beyond his years of football. Positive branding strategies have the power to make any brand stand out from the rest and, it focuses on the needs and wants of your target audience. 

It’s important for Harry to protect his name and future but to do so, he also needs to ensure his brand takes care of his consumers and fans.  

Want to read more about Kane’s venture? I recently had the opportunity to speak to The Sun regarding this fascinating branding news. 

Read the full article today: England footie ace Harry Kane may launch his own brand of loo rolls 

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