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CASE STUDY: IR and LinkedIn


LinkedIn offer a specific advertising solution called Lead Generation. This service enables the individuals you target with your advertising on the platform to complete a form without leaving LinkedIn and this generates leads for the business. It has proved very successful for many businesses. IR is a leading global provider of performance management software that has shifted it’s model from events to content marketing. Their target audience is of course B2B and primarily from large enterprise organisations – a difficult audience to reach.


IR had to ensure they were able to tightly target their audience and deliver a strong return on investment. They therefore used LinkedIn as it was a natural fit due to the professional audience and precise targeting opportunities. They used skills, interests, group membership and geotargeting to find the right people. Through this platform they are able to continuously optimise performance and remove any non-performing areas which ensures their ROI remains strong. After some good results on Sponsored Content they moved onto LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and the results were very strong as the user doesn’t have to leave the platform to finish their journey.


IR found that conversion rates from the LinkedIn forms in the first few months were as strong as the landing pages they had been optimizing for over a year. It was clear that this simple channel was a powerful means of delivering high quality leads.

Key Lessons

The ability for someone to complete a simple form on a platform that they are already on and that they trust delivers a strong completion rate. Coupled with the tight targeting capabilities, one can quickly deliver a strong volume of high quality leads.

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