How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically: 5 Free Tools

Instagram is a continuously evolving medium for sharing images and short video clips. It’s also a great way of reaching out to your target audience. Using the right tools is the first step to success when growing your followers. Below are some of the best free Instagram tools for 2022 and how to grow Instagram followers organically by using them. 


Later enables you to manage multiple social media profiles, including Instagram. You can use some of the features for free to get you started. However, the paid packages offer more features that help you gain even more followers once you have benefitted from the free version. 

Later is primarily used to schedule photos and posts while also making it possible to tag locations and users. Premium services also give you Hashtag suggestions and tools to manage Instagram Stories. 

Hashtag monitoring tools are provided and are the perfect way for you to learn which hashtags work best for you. Hashtag monitoring provides you with statistical information regarding tags and finds the ones which work faultlessly for your campaigns. 

Analytical information also shows when you should be scheduling your posts based on the activity of your target audience. 

Later supports an endless amount of media for your campaigns, making it possible for you to review and track all of the content you upload. 

Later also provides businesses with the Link in Bio feature, which is incredibly useful. The Link in Bio feature acts as a landing page URL for all the links you post in your content. All you must do is mention the Link in Bio as your CTA, and then users can click the link in your bio, find the post they came from and click the relevant link from there. 


Hootsuite is one of the most popular tools available for managing social media profiles, including Instagram. The free version is reasonably flexible when compared to other top name providers. Hootsuite offers a range of tools that will help you boost engagement. 

The platform enables you to create tabs and view multiple aspects of individual social media networks. 

You can also add a stream of homepage posts, your posts, and much more from Instagram. 

You can display a complete social account via the dashboards on Hootsuite, making monitoring various aspects of Instagram and other social profiles manageable without logging into each one individually. 

The array of tools available includes analytics, scheduled posts, and integration with several apps to streamline your campaign. 

Hootsuite also comes with a restricted free account if you want to try the service out for yourself. It allows up to three social profiles so you can test out the features and services across various platforms. 


Canva is an incredible free tool for you to gain more followers. They have a website and a mobile app for you to create stunning designs free of charge. The sky is the limit with Canva because you can design just about any asset you desire. They offer free templates that you can use to get an idea of creating your style. 

Canva also has a premium service with additional tools available, including a background removing tool for making PNG files. 

Canva itself will not get you more followers, though. You need to design something that stands out and create a theme that people will recognise and remember for your Instagram feed. Another way you should use Canva is to create video content. Video is continuing to be one of the more effective media types, especially since the rise of TikTok. Create engaging video stories and reels that will bring value to your audience. 

All Hashtag 

All Hashtag is a tool that began as a hashtag suggestion tool. It enables you to generate and analyse the top relevant hashtags with ease for your social media content and marketing. It is a free tool that anyone can use. 

All you need to do is enter a keyword, and All Hashtag will provide a list of suitable hashtags that you can copy and paste into your social media posts. 

All Hashtag has now been developed to provide four hashtag-related tools: 

  1. Hashtag Generator – The original tool that generates top, random or live hashtags and shows you the best hashtags you need
  2. Hashtag Creator – This allows you to create your custom hashtags
  3. Hashtag Analytics – Analyses a hashtag and gives basic analytic information about your hashtag for your marketing strategy.
  4. Top Hashtags – Suggests the hashtags that are currently performing the best and are most popular


Crowdfire is a social media management tool that allows users to control multiple profiles from one platform. Crowdfire offers a free solution to help you gain Instagram followers. 

The free version only lets you handle one account, but the premium services can manage up to 50 accounts across multiple social media platforms. 

It features a handy Chrome browser extension to assist you in quickly sharing articles, and the system aids in content creation. You also have access to hashtag recommendations, social analytic data, and auto-tailoring posts to fit perfectly on each social platform. 

When tailoring posts, Crowdfire will show you a preview of what the content will look like on Instagram and other social sites. Allowing you to make sure everything fits before publishing the post for everyone to see. 

One of the highlights of this tool is the image creation feature. It will supply suggested images for you to share on Instagram. Crowdfire provides you with assets already approved by creators, so you won’t have to worry about any copyright infringements. 

Crowdfire comes with engagement metrics to show you the essential performance metrics of each post for all your social media accounts. The data will help you formulate strategies using the best methods that perform exceptionally with Instagram for your audience. 


It is easy to post a new image or Instagram story through the app, but it’s not always the most effective way to do things. Learning how to grow Instagram followers organically using these free tools provides a bit of freedom. 

Some of these tools will give you the chance to release posts on a schedule, giving you the ability to engage your target audience better when they are more active. 

Many of these tools also provide you with valuable data to help you make better strategic decisions. 

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