How to AI-Proof Your Startup

Many startups and business professionals have feared the worst with the rise of ChatGPT and other AI software. Studies have shown that AI is expected to see an annual growth rate of 37.3% from 2023 to 2030. But this shouldn’t bother you, as there are ways to put your startup above AI and even have it benefit you. This article will show you some ways to AI-proof your startup. 

Embrace Innovation

Artificial Intelligence highlights the presence of innovation, and the first way to stay ahead of it is to embrace it. The presence of AI makes your company run efficiently if used right. Studies have shown that AI can increase business productivity by 40%, so it’s something you would want to incorporate. Here are some ways your startup can benefit from AI: 

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Improved efficiency

With Artificial Intelligence, you can automate repetitive tasks, enhance productivity and streamline operations. This will help you free up valuable time and save money for your startup. As we proceed, we will show you some AI tools that can help you save time and money for your startup. 

Swift and Accurate decision-making

Your startup’s decision-making process is another that can be improved with AI. Because AI depends on data, organizations that can efficiently gather, analyse, and use data will have a competitive advantage. Use reliable data-collecting procedures and invest in analytics technologies to obtain valuable insights. Identify patterns, personalise consumer experiences, and use these data to influence decisions.

Improve marketing

You can improve your marketing using Predictive analytics – an AI technology that helps analyze historical data and predict future trends. How? The tool analyzes customer behavior; for example, you have a SaaS product. Predictive analytics in this situation would help you identify customers who are about to cancel their subscriptions and then create a targeted marketing campaign to retain them. 

According to a research report by The Insight Partners in August 2022, predictive analytics gained the backing of a broad spectrum of organizations, with a worldwide market size of $12.49 billion in 2022. Predictive analytics can be relevant in retail, law enforcement, manufacturing, financial services, energy, automotive and aerospace industries. 

Improve Customer Experience

The better the experience for your customers, the more likely they are to come to you for repeat business. Startups may employ voice assistants to create speech-activated marketing campaigns and provide voice-based customer assistance. 

According to UpCity, voice search is becoming popular every day by 50% of U.S. mobile users. And more studies have shown that “there will be 8 billion AI-powered voice assistants by 2023.” So this is something you need to include to improve your customer experience.

Asides from the above benefits, another way to embrace artificial intelligence and other new technology is by creating a solid company culture. Building an adaptable, creative startup that values critical thinking will prove your startup.

AI Tools to Save Startups Time and Money

Artificial intelligence poses an excellent advantage for any business. According to PWC, “72% of execs believe that AI will be the most significant business advantage of the future.” Here are some AI tools that will save your startup time and money.


The popular ChatGPT comprehends human language input (text and audio) using its OpenAI technology, absorbs what is taught, and responds. It combines machine learning techniques with natural language processing to give users valuable real-time information.


Olli simplifies data analysis, collection, and presentation. This AI tool helps startup owners spot patterns and make better decisions, thanks to its charts and graphs. 


NotionAI is a tool that allows users to create blogs, sales letters, and meeting agendas easily. It helps users write quicker and more efficiently. Notion also helps users correct spelling and grammar, translate inline text, and extract the main ideas from long blog drafts. 


Writesonic is an AI writer that lets you write SEO-friendly blog content, facebook/Google/Shopify ads for free. It also has a paraphrasing tool you can rewrite full articles with. So, you can write all your startup content needs with no stress.


Taplio is an AI-powered Linkedin automation tool that helps companies improve their online presence. Some of Taplio’s functions include scheduling posts, analytics monitoring, content creation, content inspiration, and customer engagement. 

Excel Formula Bot

Excel Formula Bot helps you transform your text instructions into Excel formulas. So, you can stop spending several hours creating Excel formulas. 

Glean AI

This artificial intelligence tool helps startups automate their expenses in real-time. It offers tools that help to manage costs, automate payments and notify customers of possible savings. With this tool, companies can overspend and make better choices regarding financial management. generates high-quality and compelling copy for your emails, landing pages, and website. This saves you from hiring expensive copywriters.


Looking to start a podcast for your business but don’t have the budget for equipment? Podcastles is an AI that offers you everything necessary to produce industry-standard podcasts. 


This is another content generation tool that lets companies quickly develop content with just a few clicks. Runaway is useful for videos, blogs, and presentations. Moreover, the platform ensures your work matches other materials on the network. This way, you don’t put out stale or inaccurate content. 


With Tome you can create compelling story-based presentations. It’s as simple as a click of a button and offers excellent designs with visual aids. 


Durable is an artificial intelligence technology that can build complete websites in minutes. Every business needs a website, and Durable’s AI can do it in 30 seconds. 


With Illustroke, you can turn sentences into images, giving your startup unlimited social media content.

Ethical and Legal Considerations

Although AI has many benefits, AI users must adhere to some AI guidelines to stay on the right side of the law. For example, using AI to tweak other people’s work creates ethical and legal issues around copyright and ownership. ChatGPT, for instance, sources data from multiple website sources, and posting it as your content also poses some problems. Here are some ethical and legal considerations for AI:

AI can be inaccurate.

Relying solely on AI for content creation puts you at risk of producing inaccurate content. With ChatGPT, for example, it’s not a great idea to blindly trust it without fact checking. According to PCguide, here are some factors that influence ChatGPT’s accuracy in generating responses:

Training Data

How accurate ChatGPT depends on the quality and quantity of its training data. So, the better the quality of the training data, the more accurate the information.

User Input

Your questions may also impact the accuracy of ChatGPT. So, providing clear and precise questions is crucial for accuracy. 


If the training data has biases concerning gender or race, the accuracy of your data can be affected.

Generative Nature

As part of ChatGPT’s features, its generative nature allows you to generate real-time content rather than relying on preprogrammed responses. This may seem good, but it often produces ridiculous and inaccurate responses. 


Context is a huge determiner of ChatGPT’s accuracy. So, the more specific and concise your context is, the more accurate the data will likely be.

AI Uses Other People’s Work

Many reports have been of AI stealing other people’s content and art.  AI engines employ machine learning to understand photos and associated data from all across the internet. While some digital artworks, photographs, and paintings are open to use online, others are protected by copyright, which generators and their creators frequently overlook. And this poses a problem, as creating artwork with AI takes away business from human artists. So how do you create and use AI art ethically?  

Declare art as AI-generated when shared online.

You can simply add a line or hashtag to show the image is Ai-generated. Even better, you can admit that you’re not the artist and list the people who influenced the work. 

Be Extra Careful if You Must Use AI Art on Products

First, instead of merely using Photoshop to correct a few flaws, make the artwork your own by completely altering it. You could use a portion or include it in your unique artwork as a background. Declare your usage of AI images, and provide credit where credit is due. You can still acknowledge their impact even if you claim not to be the artist.

Create Original Art with AI as inspiration. 

A great way to use AI without guilt is to use it as an idea generator. Use a prompt that depicts your vision, gather images that provide the most information, and create your unique art.

Wrapping Up

AI is intended to improve us as individuals, workers, and organisations. But this will only occur if there is a persistent emphasis on the proper use of AI across all business processes. We must value AI’s moral and ethical considerations to prevent sabotaging one of human history’s most significant technology revolutions. 

To future-proof your startup, it is necessary to find ways your startup can embrace it while also maintaining moral and ethical usage. 

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