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CASE STUDY: Paper Tiger


Paper Tiger Document Solutions is a Chicago-area document shredding and storage company serving businesses and consumers. Paper Tiger launched a drop-in Saturday shredding service several years ago. Initially, despite the launch being based on demand, this proved unsuccessful and so they looked to promote further and gain some traction.


In 2016, their agency, CC communications, named the event Shred Fest and began to promote it in a monthly email campaign. Word of this event spread fast. The company now offers coffee and donuts to visitors who get the witness the process and they even show presentations on the journey of the documents post-shredding.

In January 2018 they added to the experience by launching a ‘Thank You’ email campaign that is sent following Shred Fest to attendees who sign up to Paper Tiger’s email list.

The campaign has a personalized approach (it is sent from the owners and includes their signatures), tells the reader what to expect next (a monthly email) and shares interesting content.


Today the four-hour event draws hundreds of business owners and consumers and generates 20X the revenue it did in the beginning.

The first ‘Thank You’ email to Shred Fest attendees generated a 55% open rate and 25% click rate and the monthly newsletters also deliver strong results.

Key Lessons

By developing email communications that are personalized, include interesting content and by only sending to a relevant audience with follow-ups and an indication of what’s next, you are giving something of real value to each recipient and ensuring no surprises in the future. This ensure great results and high retention of your email subscriber lists.

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