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Case Study: Visual DNA and Pistonheadverts.com

A publisher who has their own audience data but improved a campaign being executed on their site by enriching their data with a third party provider.

The Approach

To help power its personalisation strategy by enriching its own data, and to reach out to complementary segments, PistonHeadverts.com (the publisher) decided to trial a rich data and dynamic segmentation opportunity with a third party – VisualDNA – a provider of psychographic audience data. VisualDNA used its analytics platform to help PistonHeadverts.com understand their audience and extend their reach. The campaign selected for this test was a lead generation for Magnitude Finance, a UK specialist in providing bespoke funding for prestige automotive vehicles.

PistonHeadverts.com split the first month of its Magnitude Finance campaign into two streams: the first using standard vertical targeting, and the second overlaying VisualDNA’s segments. This split allowed the publisher to understand how the test was working versus the standard approach by having a control cell (the standard vertical targeting).

Lee Williams of PistonHeadverts.com remembers, “The segmentation was backed by impressively rigorous methodologies, and we could really see our existing segments come to life in the data. Our editors, community manager and sales team all saw a close fit between the segments and the people that we know qualitatively on our site.”

The Result

The results were startling: while the average CTR for the standard segments was 0.14 per cent, those overlaid with VisualDNA segments hit 1.15 per cent – an 800 percent uplift. The campaign generated hundreds of well-qualified leadverts for Magnitude Finance, driving high conversion rates.

This example proves not only that segmentation can be very powerful and that data itself is a valuable tool for any business but also that implementing a program of continuous improvement through tactical test and learn campaigns will result in increase in performance over time.

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