Digital Marketing Strategy: 2nd Edition

2EThe book Digital Marketing Strategy by Simon Kingsnorth is an international best-seller and used by universities and institutes around the world. It is available in several languages through many stores and both on and offline. A Kindle version is also available.

The book covers the core areas you need to consider when building your strategy including business strategy, planning, channel-specific considerations, content strategy, programmatic, branding and the other key areas of focus. It also includes case studies, future tech trends and much more to help you build a robust digital marketing strategy that will deliver real results, fast.

The second edition, launched in April 2019 includes updated case studies and new content on AI, marketing automation, GDPR and much more.

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There are also a number of supporting materials such as implementation guides and lecture slides that will be available here soon.

Simon is also a contributing author to the books Understanding Digital Marketing and Understanding Social Media.

You can find supporting resources for the book such as implementation guides and slides here.

You can also find a range of case studies available here. These feature in the book and give context to the guidance provided there.

For any queries relating to the book please contact my Publisher, Kogan Page.

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