Bing SEO: Top 5 Latest Optimisation Tips You Need to Know

Bing is not as useless as some people may think. Yes, Google is the goliath of search engines. However, Bing SEO is still a fruitful area to focus on as a marketer because it enables you to diversify and widen your audience. People choose to use Bing, but they tend to be between 55 to 64, and most are parents. 

One-third of the Bing Ads audience has a household income of $100,000 (£75,000) or more, and so they have been proven to spend up to 22% more than other search engine users.

Register Your Business 

Like Google My Business, we also have Bing Places. Unsurprisingly the concept is very similar. Both platforms aim to provide the best possible experience for users performing local search results. So, make sure you start by claiming your Bing Places Business Profile and create a listing to enhance your local Bing SEO ranking performance. 

Advance Bing SEO with Webmaster Tools 

Once you have claimed your business, you will need to use Bing Webmaster Tools to index your site. Like any other search engine algorithm,Bing’s is very similar as you will need to apply categories and tags to make web pages more discoverable. It will also help the algorithm better manage and understand your content. 

On-page SEO 

When working with Bing, on-page SEO comes before off-page SEO to help focus on good keyword usage and content relevancy. Bing prioritises content with an exact keyword match in page titles, meta descriptions, and web content. Therefore, you may want to consider losing out on readability on the odd occasion to enable you to get longtail keywords ranking. 

Social Media Presence 

Surprisingly, to improve Bing SEO, you must have a strong focus on social presence. Bing algorithms rely heavily on reading social signals, meaning that your social media presence matters more than it would on Google. Social media engagements on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are a great way of helping Bing pick up on social signals. Your social media presence also needs to match your target audience. For example, a lawyer wouldn’t have much use for Pinterest, but LinkedIn would be essential. 

Always Create Exceptional Content 

All your content needs to be the best it can be. Keeping things trustworthy, scannable, readable, and well-researched will help you climb the ranks on Bing’s search engine. It’s also essential to keep visuals relevant and be illustrative alongside text to help make things even easier to understand. 

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