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CASE STUDY: Hostelworld


Hostelworld is a market-leading booking platform focusing on worldwide hostel offerings through its website and apps in 19 languages. It focusses primarily on young people using hostels around the world. Their challenge was to engage a niche audience across global markets and build a brand that delivers personalized customer journeys to next-generation travellers whilst developing a social experience and community for them.

To deliver this they used the Adobe Experience Cloud including Adobe Advertising Cloud Search, Adobe Campaign within Adobe Marketing Cloud, and Adobe Analytics within Adobe Analytics Cloud.


To optimize each customer’s digital journey with personalized experiences, Hostelworld needed two things: insight into customer behavior through in-depth data and tools to efficiently act on that intelligence.

Hostelworld’s audience expects digital experiences that are fast, simple and personalized. Using Adobe Analytics, the company gained detailed insight into how customers used its websites and apps. Through real-time metrics, Hostelworld’s marketing team learned where customers were coming from and traveling to, what information they were browsing, and their journeys through the marketing funnel.

Alongside this detail they looked at sources of traffic to determine which advertising campaigns were proving most effective and to suggest new areas where advertising could reach a hostel-friendly audience. Marketers also tested variations of copy, ads, and booking funnels across multiple platforms and channels to see how they could optimize each.

The analytics data from Adobe Analytics also allowed marketers to increase the efficiency of their paid search performance. Advertising Cloud Search automatically places bids on search terms to achieve better ROI (returns on investment). This has resulted in bookings costs being reduced by 20% as well as improved productivity within the team.

Another benefit of using one consistent marketing tech suite is that the data from Adobe Analytics also integrates with Adobe Campaign. This has helped Hostelworld reach its young audience across a variety of digital channels. Using customer behavior data in Analytics they were able to build out audience segments which Hostelworld could then use to tailor communications to reach people through any channel with the right message at the right time.


The results of using this one powerful marketing suite were clear. Hostelworld saw 500% Higher engagement across their websites and social media activity. They experienced a 20% Reduction in cost per booking. 1 billion emails were able to be sent per year with strong click-through rates and all of this was achieved with more efficient productivity within the team.

Key Lessons

Considering your technology stack and using your analytical data affectively to feed your marketing activity deliver vastly improved results across all of your activity. Adobe is one of the leaders in the space although there are others.

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