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Ah, search engine optimisation. Perhaps the most misunderstood and complex areas of 21st century marketing. A channel that is constantly changing and highly competitive. One that relies on technical, creative and relationship skills.

It can certainly be a challenge and recruiting a team to drive optimal performance isn’t always the answer.

Your web developers need to understand the site performance and coding priorities for technical SEO. This combined with the use of SEO tools such as Screaming Frog can ensure solid optimisation.

We need to combine this with an effective link strategy though. A good volume of high quality links needs to be obtained (not bought) and at scale but not too fast. This needs to be done organically which means great PR, content and other techniques to encourage others to link to you.

The SEO Triangle
The SEO Triangle as featured in Digital Marketing Strategy

Beyond this your content needs to be broad, fresh, local and relevant. It’s not easy to tick all of those boxes.

Fortunately our team can advise on and manage all of these areas. Our developers understand SEO inside out. Our content team are highly creative and know what it takes to bait those links. We can also assist on your social media strategy and content strategy to ensure Google sees everything it needs to see from your website.

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