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A finance-based affiliate site need to grow it’s audience significantly.  They aimed to deliver organic traffic growth, links and social shares through a smart content strategy.


Over a 12 month period they engaged the growth marketing agency Fractl to develop tangential content and survey-based research campaigns.

Firstly they produced exclusive research which was able to drive the news cycle and earn press coverage on high-authority websites.  Secondly, through survey-based campaigns they were able to produce tangential content around a range of topics to broaden the relevance of the strategy.

Due to the volume of newsworthy content produced over the course of a year, the company developed positive brand recognition with several high-authority finance publishers. Fractl was even able to forge a close relationship with one specific publisher which significantly helped to amplify the reach of the campaigns and gave them an authoritative name in the finance vertical.

Through all of this the company was asked to participate in multiple interviews regarding the campaigns.


The content strategy earned the client relevant and authoritative brand mentions which boosted their link portfolio, totaling a 7,400% increase in total portfolio volume over the period of engagement.

They also saw a 67,000% increase in organic traffic and nearly 500 high authority links.

Key Lessons

This result is truly transformational and demonstrates the power of a well-orchestrated content strategy.

By producing content that is relevant and unique you can get cut through, not only with your audience, but also with the press. This an in turn deliver significant coverage, links and brand value as well as social engagement.  This brand value also has a long tail to it so you can expect it to deliver improved results over multiple years.

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