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It is very easy for anyone to create a website today. Get on WordPress or Wix and you can have a domain name and a tidy looking website in minutes. For a small business this can be a great solution but if you want to be a serious player in your space then this will simply not be enough.

That’s not to say you need to spend $100k on the project either. There are many web design agencies that add a significant margin on top which is truly unnecessary.

A great website project accomplishes these 8 things:

  • Beautiful Design
  • Well built
  • Simple Navigation and Signposting
  • Purposeful UX
  • Fast performance
  • High conversion
  • Valuable insights
  • Deep engagement

According to Margaret Wolfe Hungerford, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Whilst Margaret had a point, there is also a science to beauty. Great design has rules as well as a creative flair. We ensure we focus on your brand guidelines and add the science and flair to create true beauty.

A well built site is critical. Under the bonnet may not be visible to the user, but the user still feels the effect. It is also 100% visible to search engines. A slow site, one with incorrect use of tags or unnecessary code will harm you in everything from sales to search rankings. This is the difference between a nice looking site and a nice looking site that works.

Navigation, signposting and great UX design ensure your site is easy to use. Consumers have never been so impatient so you cannot afford to waste their time. Getting them to the information they want and to the results you want quickly will make or break your performance.

Analytics are great. Insights are better. Ensuring your site is setup to tell you everything you need to know to fully optimise journeys, within privacy regulations, is the key to success. Data is vital. Testing is crucial. All of this ensures continuous development and retaining your leading position in the industry.

Finally your content needs to be setup to perform. You should be encouraging deep and lasting engagement, return visits and meaningful connections. Content that provides answers, that delivers value. This is more than just the content strategy, it is also vital to set your site up to encourage this engagement.

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How we work with you

At Simon Kingsnorth Consulting, Our approach is built on relationships and every relationship is different.

We start off by talking to you.  getting to know your challenges, pain points, history and opportunities.  This is a completely free session with no obligations.  Just a friendly chat.

Then we build a tailored strategy around your goals.  Every strategy we build is unique.  We chat this through with you, make some tweaks and agree a route forward together.

Then we get going.  At this point we move fast and we focus on the areas that will deliver the best results for you first. We work closely with your teams and talk constantly so you’re never in the dark. We produce reports with clear results and we work smart to ensure you get cost effective results.

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