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Social Media can be a challenging but hugely rewarding area of marketing. It can surprise you, frustrate you, confuse you but can also turn a one-man-band into a global sensation.

Organic social media focuses heavily on content strategy, engagement and data but advertising is a different game.

Social media advertising is a mix of display advertising and organic social media. Understanding how to use the techniques gained from 25 years of display advertising and combining that with the behavioural patterns of 15 years of social media informs great social advertising.

Being able to get onto the timelines of the right people and target them based on their segment, lookalike profile, interests, shopping habits and many more factors is extremely powerful. Also being able to create truly creative, joy-based advertising that fits the channel can result in far more response then you might find through traditional display.

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How we work with you

At Simon Kingsnorth Consulting, Our approach is built on relationships and every relationship is different.

We start off by talking to you.  getting to know your challenges, pain points, history and opportunities.  This is a completely free session with no obligations.  Just a friendly chat.

Then we build a tailored strategy around your goals.  Every strategy we build is unique.  We chat this through with you, make some tweaks and agree a route forward together.

Then we get going.  At this point we move fast and we focus on the areas that will deliver the best results for you first. We work closely with your teams and talk constantly so you’re never in the dark. We produce reports with clear results and we work smart to ensure you get cost effective results.

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