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Ah, search engine optimisation. Perhaps the most misunderstood and complex areas of 21st century marketing. A channel that is constantly changing and highly competitive. One that relies on technical, creative and relationship skills.

It can certainly be a challenge and recruiting a team to drive optimal performance isn’t always the answer.


We’ll get you started with a FREE SEO AUDIT.  This involves a thorough look at your site and landscape to provide a view of your current situation and some of the immediate actions you need to take.  This gives us the chance to ensure you get the most relevant proposal possible and means we can get cracking with delivering improvements for you right away.  Fill out the form below for your free audit.

Your web developers need to understand the site performance and coding priorities for technical SEO. This combined with the use of SEO tools such as Screaming Frog, Semrush and AHRefs can ensure solid optimisation.

We need to combine this with an effective link strategy though. A good volume of high quality links needs to be obtained (not bought) and at scale but not too fast. This needs to be done organically which means great PR, content and other techniques to encourage others to link to you.

The of course we need to produce great SEO content.  This means rigorous understanding of your audience, your competitors and the landscape.  It means writing engaging, valuable, optimised content that shows the search engines just how important your site is to your audience.

"Simon's knowledge of branding, digital marketing and business strategy was incredibly insightful and useful to the business"

Fortunately our team can advise on and manage all of these areas. Our developers understand SEO inside out. Our content team are highly creative and know what it takes to bait those links. We can also assist on your social media strategy and content strategy to ensure Google sees everything it needs to see from your website.

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How we work with you

At Simon Kingsnorth Consulting, Our approach is built on relationships and every relationship is different.

We start off by talking to you.  getting to know your challenges, pain points, history and opportunities.  This is a completely free session with no obligations.  Just a friendly chat.

Then we build a tailored strategy around your goals.  Every strategy we build is unique.  We chat this through with you, make some tweaks and agree a route forward together.

Then we get going.  At this point we move fast and we focus on the areas that will deliver the best results for you first. We work closely with your teams and talk constantly so you’re never in the dark. We produce reports with clear results and we work smart to ensure you get cost effective results.

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