Reviews of Digital Marketing Strategy

My book Digital Marketing Strategy is a best seller that is used as core reading on marketing, digital and consumer psychology courses at universities worldwide. It is available in many languages and has received excellent feedback from lecturers, students and marketing professionals across the globe.

It has been 5-star rated by many organisations and is 5-star rated by purchasers on Amazon.

The books has also been included in many lists of the top marketing books to read and named Book of the Week by organisations across the world.

5 star marketing book

Read what others have to say about the book:

"An invaluable one-stop guide to navigating the discipline of digital marketing." 

"The best text book I've ever read on any subject!"

"Combines a detailed knowledge of digital channel management with classic marketing theory. The result is essential reading for digital marketing practitioners at all levels." 

"This book is an absolutely essential resource for anyone who is involved in marketing."

"This book has become the bible for the courses I teach in Canada"

"This is an excellent guide that I have used both in my teaching and as a refresher for areas in which I don't spend a lot of time. I recommend this for digital marketing practitioners, professors, and anyone who needs to bone up on their strategy."

"Your book is the one I refer to most when developing a digital strategy. So many books are onerous and waffle on. Yours in straight to the point."

"Great resource for anyone who wants to a refresher on digital marketing, or wants to learn about digital marketing techniques. This is my 'go to' book for all things digital marketing."

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