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Paid search has been established for 2 decades now. Google launch of Adwords (now Google Ads) in the early 21st century turned them from a precision search engine to a global powerhouse.

I was involved in Adwords from the beginning and have been writing, bidding, optimising, rotating, scheduling and converting ever since. The channel is a performance marketer’s dream and of course the other players, such as Microsoft, later joined the game.

The secret to success is to build a highly researched keyword set, closely manage your keywords, write compelling ads with strong use of add-ons to stand out in the search results, to ensure your ads and landing pages match the keywords and to continuously optimise.

There are many agencies who can do this for you but few have the length of experience of PPC that we have. We have yet to find an industry or a client that we can’t improve the results for.

Combined with effective SEO, paid and organic social media and a clear and compelling brand strategy and you have a winning combination.

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