Hiring Digital Advertising Manager

Job Description

To run digital advertising for the company and it’s clients.

Building, optimising and managing Google Ads campaigns for multiple companies in multiple countries. Ensuring budget is used effectively, ads written, audiences managed, tracking is in place and reporting is complete. Using extensions and integrations to improve performance. Ensuring optimal landing pages for ideal quality score and conversion.

Building, optimising and managing social media advertising (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin etc). Setup ads, build targeting, manage budgets, optimise keywords, write ads, build landing pages that convert, continuously optimise and advise on improvements.

Building and running mobile campaigns e.g. Apple Ads and Play store.

You will know the platforms inside out and be able to optimize daily and run A/B test to deliver results beyond specific targets. You will know analytics, tagging, Tag Manager and other tracking technologies and methodologies to ensure full tracking and attribution is in place.

Across all of this you will ensure we have copy that will convert, images, videos and audio that delivers optimal results. You will be responsible for driving performance through every touch point resulting in traffic, leads and sales for us and our clients and you will monitor, analyse and optimise daily.

You will be organised and able to manage multiple accounts. You will report on progress with insights and actions and will deliver to deadlines and targets.

As this role is remote you must be able to work with autonomy but as a key member of a global, virtual team. You must be a great communicator, hard worker and able to meet deadlines.

We are looking for someone who is passionate about digital advertising, who is focussed on delivering results and who knows the platforms and best practise well. Certifications in each channel (e.g. Google Ads, Analytics, Facebook ads) are preferred.

Please do not apply unless you are an expert in these areas and can demonstrate your knowledge and experience in detail. Thank you.