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We offer a range of low cost, high quality, fast turnaround design services that support companies around the world.

Our digital design team have expertise in social media, infographics, advertising and website design.

Beyond this our team also design brochures, shop fronts, logos and brand visuals, print advertising, direct mail other more traditional marketing pieces.

We also offer video production and editing services for social media or other online channels.

We take briefs from clients across the world.  Our skills include:

Design Services

  • Logo and Brand visual development and design
  • Brand guidelines
  • Digital advertising
  • Infographics and other illustrations
  • Animated images
  • Email templates
  • Shop front and outdoor advertising
  • Print advertising
  • Brochure, flyers, direct mail and other printed communications
  • Video production and editing
  • Website design and XD (not development)
  • Internal, partner and investor presentations

Some of our Clients

How we work with you

At Simon Kingsnorth Consulting, Our approach is built on relationships and every relationship is different.

We start off by talking to you.  getting to know your challenges, pain points, history and opportunities.  This is a completely free session with no obligations.  Just a friendly chat.

Then we build a tailored strategy around your goals.  Every strategy we build is unique.  We chat this through with you, make some tweaks and agree a route forward together.

Then we get going.  At this point we move fast and we focus on the areas that will deliver the best results for you first. We work closely with your teams and talk constantly so you’re never in the dark. We produce reports with clear results and we work smart to ensure you get cost effective results.

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