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Digital Marketing is a field that continues to grow both in terms of new roles on the market and new skills into existing roles. As a result there are many great digital marketing jobs available at all levels.

Digital Marketing jobs should really disappear in time. It is our goal as digital marketers to integrate ourselves into marketing departments as every marketer should understand digital and every discipline should be digitised.

This doesn’t mean that offline channels, brand strategy, direct mail etc are redundant – quite the opposite. There are many disciplines outside of digital that will always remain critical to success. But those disciplines must understand how digital plays a role in a way it wouldn’t have done 25 years ago.

Finding the right job in digital marketing can therefore be less about finding a pure digital job and more about finding the right blend that protects your future and serves your employer the best it can. SEO, Performance Marketing, Social Media and Digital Transformation are all key roles today and there are many more that directly affect digital results such as Content Strategist, Marketing Analyst and even the CMO who must be embedded in digital now.

There are plenty of job search platforms out there and here are just a few of the ones I would recommend.

Job Sites

Jooble digital marketing jobs

Jooble has a very wide selection of jobs available all around the world. If you’re looking for a job?

Find digital marketing jobs on Jooble

Linkedin digital marketing jobs

Linkedin is of course a great channel for jobs. The number one social media channel does a good job or filtering so you can find the best marketing jobs close to you very quickly.

Find digital marketing jobs on Linkedin

Indeed digital marketing jobs

Indeed also offers globally relevant listings so this is another great place to look for the right job, no matter where it might be

Find digital marketing jobs on Indeed

Adding Digital Marketing Skills

If you are looking to add some skills to your CV to help you close that perfect job, you can find out more about my training courses here.

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