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Paid search, social advertising and mobile advertising create a complex but exciting channel for delivering hot audiences into funnels.

My team runs advertising across the globe on multiple channels for businesses of all shapes and sizes.  We bring keyword, creative, ad copy, landing page, audience targeting and psychology all together to deliver exciting growth for companies in a wide range of sectors.

"Simon's knowledge of branding, digital marketing and business strategy was incredibly insightful and useful to the business"

The secret to success is to build a highly researched keyword set, closely manage your keywords, write compelling ads with strong use of extensions to stand out in the search results, to ensure your ads and landing pages match the keywords and to continuously optimise.

There are many agencies who can do this for you but few have the length of experience that we have and that give you the attention you deserve. We have yet to find an industry or a client that we can’t improve the results for.

We run ads across Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Apple and other platforms that deliver brand awareness, reach, impressions, leads and sales for clients across the globe.  If you have an advertising challenge we can probably help!

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How we work with you

At Simon Kingsnorth Consulting, Our approach is built on relationships and every relationship is different.

We start off by talking to you.  getting to know your challenges, pain points, history and opportunities.  This is a completely free session with no obligations.  Just a friendly chat.

Then we build a tailored strategy around your goals.  Every strategy we build is unique.  We chat this through with you, make some tweaks and agree a route forward together.

Then we get going.  At this point we move fast and we focus on the areas that will deliver the best results for you first. We work closely with your teams and talk constantly so you’re never in the dark. We produce reports with clear results and we work smart to ensure you get cost effective results.

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