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Content is a large area. Many think of the written word when thinking of content but it’s a much bigger field. Blogs, Vlogs, How To Guides, Downloadable White Papers, Podcasts, Infographics, Pure images and much more.

Planning content can be a complex but enormously rewarding kind of project management. It is one of the channels that focuses on the Then , the Now and the When.

We need to focus on the Then. Looking back and understanding what happened back then. What did people engage with? What drove our commercial as well as content goals?

We need to focus on the Now. What is trending? What are our competitors doing? What is newsworthy right now?

We need to focus on the When. Can we see opportunities ahead? Are there planned events or patterns shaping that we can build for in advance to create complex multi-channel comms?

Keeping these three perspectives and using appropriate tools combined with an energy, creativity and tenacity we can help you to deliver award-winning, successful and not to forget enjoyable content.

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