Marketing Matters: Culture

Marketing the culture of your brand can often mean many things. It isn’t limited to just your office culture, it goes beyond the company and the culture of the world that we live in. It could refer to what’s trending on a particular day.

Marketing Matters: Psychology

Psychology is a fascinating field and by no means one I would claim to be an expert in. I am however a firm believer that every marketeer, no matter what field they are in, should have a grounding in psychology. Some appreciation is helpful and there are many good books and courses to give you…

Marketing Matters: Branding

In the latest in my Marketing Matters series I wanted to talk about branding and how we apply it to digital in a consistent way. I want to start with a little moan if you don’t mind. Having built several brands from the ground up and rebranded many global organisations, one of my biggest frustrations…

Marketing Matters: Experience

This is the first post in my new series of blogs – Marketing Matters. This series is intended to look beyond digital into the broader marketing questions. As a digital expert you need to understand the established marketing principles. This is in fact one of the key message from my latest book, Digital Marketing Strategy….